Lovin’ the Job

It’s a fine late winter morning and you’re happy to be working outdoors. Your job, whether it’s roofing, home or chimney inspection, pest control, or solar installation saves you from the claustrophobic feeling you get behind a desk. Yes, there is roof climbing involved but you’ve been doing that for years and it’s no big […]

Remember the Time When We…

If your family is anything like ours, when we get together for a holiday or a family picnic, the stories all come out. “Remember the time we went camping and we put a garter snake in Uncle Joe’s tent?” Or, “when Lady the dog got out and the kids cried and we searched all over […]

Season of the Sun

While it’s still frigid in many parts of the country and the groundhog hasn’t even seen his shadow yet, the sun is steadily returning to this hemisphere. Slowly, slowly, by just seconds or a minute per day, the daylight hours are getting longer and the air will soon be feeling warmer. No one can deny […]

Ring In the New Year

We all make New Year’s resolutions or at least we pretend to. Every year we pledge to lose weight; save more money; watch less TV; keep the truck clean. Sure we will, at least until about January 15th or so. Around then, we’re once again overwhelmed by the pace of business and family life and […]

Holiday Wishes

What’s your idea of a great holiday? It might be gathering the entire family including aunts, uncles, and cousins to share stories and exchange gifts, or you might prefer to quietly honor the spiritual reasons for this season of joy. Do you wish for a white Christmas or prefer palm trees with twinkle lights? However […]

Looking Back and Looking Ahead

Here at The RIDGEPRO®, we’re looking back on a year of growth in many areas. We launched a new website with even more safety products made available through our partners in the industry; increased our visibility in the rooftop safety sector; and watched our sales and market presence grow. It’s been a good year and we […]

Four Tips For Making Technology Your Friend

Often, when we take on something new, we say we’re trying to get our arms around it. It’s a metaphor for learning a new skill but also for acceptance of the task ahead. Some projects come easily, but others, perhaps those with a bigger learning curve, tend to get put off. Adopting new technologies for […]

Holiday Madness

As we near the end of the year, the earth has traveled more than 511 million miles in its annual trip around the sun. Once the holiday season arrives it feels as if the world is moving even faster. Big family dinners, gifts to purchase and wrap, decorating the house, holiday concerts by the kids; […]

The Future of Roofing

It’s a rat race out there and getting more competitive every year. The roofing industry, which includes new builds, replacements, and repairs generates $56.7 billion a year (according to IBIS research). While that is a huge number, profit margins are tight and annual industry growth is just over 1%. Is this a business worth staying […]

The Scariest Thing of All

They’re appearing all over these days. Zombies, skeletons ten feet high, witches on brooms, and a strange orange glow can be seen around many homes and businesses. Professional holiday lighting, which used to be reserved for commercial Christmas displays, has evolved into a year-round business that is growing rapidly. Professional holiday light installers are now […]

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