How It Works

Roofing contractors, insurance claims adjusters, solar installers, pest control technicians, and holiday light installers are among the many professionals who must ascend roofs as part of their daily jobs. Roof work is dangerous under any conditions and particularly when the roof is steep-slope with a pitch of 7/12 to 12/12. One fall endangers, not only the worker, but the entire company.

We developed a unique roof anchor system called The RIDGEPRO® to meet these needs. We’ve taken no shortcuts in its unique design or in its aircraft-grade (6061-T6) solid aluminum, made in the USA. The RIDGEPRO® meets ANSI/ASSP standard Z359.18-2017 and complies with OSHA rule 1926.502.d(15).

Here’s how it works:

First, make sure you have taken all safety precautions at the jobsite and that you are wearing a safety vest and lifeline for fall protection. Position the ladder safely and in compliance with OSHA standards. Check the roof pitch with an accurate pitch and slope locator.

  • Assemble The RIDGEPRO® and match the roof pitch to the number on The RIDGEPRO® pitch guide. Lock the pitch with the steel pin.
  • Attach your extension pole and lock it in with the pin on The RIDGEPRO® .
  • Clip your lifeline to the pre-installed shackle on The RIDGEPRO®.
  • Hang The RIDGEPRO® temporarily from the gutter or ladder at roof level.
  • Climb the ladder until your belt is even with The RIDGEPRO®.
  • With the wheels of The RIDGEPRO® facing the roof, roll it using the extension pole until The RIDGEPRO® reaches the roof peak.
  • Flip The RIDGEPRO® over so that it straddles the ridge and pull firmly on the lifeline to set it into place.
    Note that The RIDGEPRO® does not depend on the ridge peak itself for stability.
  • Safely transition yourself to the roof using a lifeline rope grab.
  • Attach four 5/16” x 1 ½”lag screws using the pre-drilled holes on the plate of The RIDGEPRO® to create a safe tie-off. Note: you may use The RIDGEPRO® without the lag screws for quick roof inspections utilizing up to 30 degrees of horizontal movement. The RIDGEPRO® has a weight limit up to 5,000 pounds when anchored.

The RIDGEPRO® is professionally tested, easy-to-assemble, and intuitive to use. Make it a part of your roof safety procedure and stay safe up there.

Find a distributor to see The RIDGEPRO® before you buy. Can’t wait? BUY IT NOW.


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