Ring In the New Year

We all make New Year’s resolutions or at least we pretend to. Every year we pledge to lose weight; save more money; watch less TV; keep the truck clean. Sure we will, at least until about January 15th or so. Around then, we’re once again overwhelmed by the pace of business and family life and the resolutions fly away and out of sight until next December 31. Don’t feel guilty. It’s not you, it’s the process of setting unreasonable or vague goals.

Resolving to do better at the start of a clean, fresh year feels good. Here are a few tips for keeping up the momentum as the year ages:

  • Set reasonable goals. Can you truly foresee a way to lose 50 pounds this year? Maybe 25 is a better target.
  • Break resolutions into achievable pieces. If you have resolved to conduct employee training the entire year, make a list of monthly topics now instead of grasping for an idea the night before the scheduled session.
  • Resolve to try something new. Inventory your safety equipment and adopt at least one new safety system or product. Your workers will thank you and your business will benefit. You can start by checking out our robust line of safety products and gear for anyone working on a roof.

We wish you a happy and extremely safe 2024! May all your resolutions stick.

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