Flying, Crawling & Munching

It’s spring and the phones at pest control companies are ringing night and day as the seasonal warmth spreads north. One customer is finding small piles of sawdust and seeing large black ants; another complains of flying insects in the basement; and a third was investigating noises in the attic and came face to face with an entire family of squirrels. It’s the busy season and company owners are thrilled with all the extra business but exhausted at the end of each day.

Pest control experts climb a lot of ladders and walk on many roofs in the course of a year. The height isn’t an issue. They’re used to that. They know that some roofs are in good condition while others are not. It takes only one loose shingle to send a technician who hasn’t taken safety precautions straight to the ground. That’s why pest control companies across the country are adopting The RIDGEPRO®, the premium device in steep-slope roofing safety. They know that employees won’t need a roof anchor system on every job but they’re putting it on every truck. This patented roof anchor system is quickly assembled on the ground, pushed up to the roof peak, and flipped into place, ready to steady the worker for a quick inspection or an eviction of furry or feathered pests.

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