Roofing Hooks, Tools & Safety Equipment



Roof tools you can count on. The RIDGEPRO™ combines a ridge hook roof anchor and a "first-man-up/last-man-down" positioning device to improve efficiencies and reduce injuries on the job.

We create tools for roofing with your safety in mind.

The RidgePro supports 5,000 pounds of force

The RIDGEPRO™ anchor meets or exceeds federal OSHA standards for roof safety by providing 5000 pounds of withstanding force.

RidgePro roofing hooks save you time

The RIDGEPRO™ delivers faster peak access than combining typical steep roof ladder and rope-and-harness techniques.

Dependable roof safety equipment

Safety is our top priority, and The RIDGEPRO™ provides secure transitioning ability on and off steep roof ladders from 6/12 to 12/12 pitches.


We are excited to grow our network of stores that offer professional roof tools. The RIDGEPRO™ surpasses traditional roofing hooks and provides peace of mind to professional roofers looking for a safer way to get on and off steep-slope roofing surfaces.

If your values align with our company mission to end roofing-related falls and fatalities and you want to help improve roof safety, join us by offering tools for roofing that truly make a difference.


RIDGEPRO™ videos

You don't have to take our word for it. See for yourself how The RIDGEPRO™ ridge hook system installs easily, saving you time and aggravation while improving roof safety. Our innovative roof tools are a vast improvement over traditional methods of being the first man up or last man down and ensure that you and your professional roofing team are safer on steep roofs.


Ditch that awkward and unwieldy steep roof ladder and discover why The RIDGEPRO™ is your best choice for roof safety.

Improved Efficiency

The RIDGEPRO™ can be installed and used by a single worker, significantly improving job site efficiency.


Our durable roof tool's solid aircraft-grade aluminum body and stainless steel pins are built to last.

UL Certified Roof Safety

The RIDGEPRO™ can be anchored into the roof structure to be a single-user, OSHA-compliant anchorage point.


We invite you to be an affiliate seller of The RIDGEPRO™. Inspire your network of roofing and safety professionals to commit to improving roof safety with a roof tool that can be passed down to the next generation.

Durable and efficient tools for roofing


Professionals from many industries are making The RIDGEPRO™ their solution for steep-slope roof safety. Every day, another company or contractor adds The RIDGEPRO™ ridge hook system to their safety plans and procedures. Browse below to learn how this simple, safe, innovative and user-friendly device benefits anyone who uses a steep roof ladder to access roofing surfaces.

Heavy-duty roofing hooks and tools


Our mission is to dramatically reduce the number of injuries and fatalities in steep-slope roofing applications. After three years of field testing and market research with professionals from many industries, we bring you premium roof tools and roofer safety equipment for the residential, steep-slope market.

Safely Connect to the Ridge Pole with The New RIDGEPRO™

Climbing onto steep roofs and anchoring to the ridge pole usually requires roofing hooks and an extra ladder. But hoisting a heavy steep roof ladder onto the roof and pushing it into place is cumbersome and may lead to unsafe working conditions. What if there were better steep roof assist tools for roofing? Ones that are lightweight, meet OSHA standards to 5000+ pounds and get you to the ridge pole faster?

Now there is: Meet The RIDGEPRO™ adjustable roof peak anchor! It quickly locks onto the ridge pole of most residential structures and provides a tie-off for all-day safety. The RIDGEPRO™ is the perfect solution for professional roofers and homeowners alike. But how does The RIDGEPRO™ work?

We made The RIDGEPRO™ roof safety systems easy to use for anyone. After all, safety is our #1 concern! Always wear a safety vest with a harness and lifeline for fall protection.

  • Check the roof pitch with a pitch and slope locator.
  • Match the pitch to the number on The RIDGEPRO™ and lock it in place.
  • Attach the 16' extension pole and lock it in with a pin.
  • Clip your lanyard to the pre-installed shackle.
  • Hang The RIDGEPRO™ temporarily from the gutter or ladder at roof level.
  • Climb the ladder until your belt is even with The RIDGEPRO™.
  • With the wheels of The RIDGEPRO™ on the roof, push it using the extension pole until it reaches the ridge peak.
  • Using the extension pole, flip The RIDGEPRO™ over until it straddles the ridge.
  • Tug firmly on the lanyard to lock it into place.
  • Safely transition to the roof using a lanyard slide-lock.
  • Attach four 3/8" lag screws to the ridge pole to mount it for safe use as a tie-off.

It's that simple. To remove The RIDGEPRO™, remove the screws — being sure to fill the screw holes with a roofing sealant — before carefully descending the roof surface.

Once back on your ladder, twist the extension pole to flip The RIDGEPRO™ back onto its wheels and collapse the pole, so it rolls down the roof. Hang it on the gutter and safely climb down the ladder. After one try, you'll understand how The RIDGEPRO™ roof safety system has revolutionized the concept of a ridge hook.