Season of the Sun

While it’s still frigid in many parts of the country and the groundhog hasn’t even seen his shadow yet, the sun is steadily returning to this hemisphere. Slowly, slowly, by just seconds or a minute per day, the daylight hours are getting longer and the air will soon be feeling warmer. No one can deny the power of a longer day to chase away our winter blues.

The power of the sun to bring electricity to our homes is just being realized. Drive down almost any suburban street and you’ll see solar panels on rooftops and as well as commercial buildings and parking areas. Solar energy installers are busier than ever keeping up with projects and rapid advancements in the field. According to the Solar Energy Industries Association, more than 250,000 workers are currently employed in the solar energy field.

Most employees in the solar energy industry are installers and developers; the men and women who actually handle heavy panels as well as the rails and wiring that go with them. Along with the pressures to get each job done on time and on budget goes the added pressure of being safe on rooftops and residential solar contractors face the added challenges of staying safe on roofs of every material, style, and slope. The RIDGEPRO® is an easy-to-assemble and highly intuitive tool for steep-slope roofs that will not add unnecessary time to a job while helping to ensure that workers are safe and can move freely while installing panels and wiring. More and more residential solar contractors are adopting our roof anchor system for each truck in the fleet. Learn more about how The RIDGEPRO® works on the job.

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