MVP Gauge (Membrane, Vinyl & Panel)

MVP Gauge (Membrane, Vinyl & Panel)


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Bullybag MVP – Membrane Vinyl & Panel Gauge. This gauge measures membrane roofing, vinyl siding & metal panels. It is an absolutely essential documentation & estimating tool for the field professional.

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The Bullybag® MVP Gauge™ field measures Membrane, Vinyl & Panels quickly.

  • Laser cut for accuracy, and 100% field comprehensive, the Bullybag MVP Gauge™ is your lightweight, compact and comprehensive field measuring tool that utilizes published industry standards as well as those pertinent to estimating programs (such as Xactimate®) to determine and document the measurable differences between roofing Membranes, Vinyl siding, and metal Panels.
  • Place it on your Bullybag® Ultra Pouch, slide in your pocket – the compact lightweight design is made to be both sturdy and useful.
  • The Bullybag MVP Gauge ™ will help you determine and suggest replacement roofing membranes, vinyl siding, roofing and siding panels, in the field with more accuracy and speed. the MVP is your on site field estimate gauge to determine the thickness of both steel and aluminum panels, single-ply roofing membranes (such as TPO, PVC, EPDM) as well as field determine vinyl siding grades.
  • For single ply roofing membrane, such as TPO, PVC, EPDM, etc. – excluding modified bitumen to include self adhering, and fleece-backed membranes.
  • For Vinyl Siding: Determine the grade of siding to suggest and estimate for.
  • For Steel Panels, uncoated, coated, galvanized or Galvalume®
  • For aluminum panels the MVP works on both uncoated as well as anodized metal panels
  • The Rare Earth Magnet on the MVP Gauge™ helps you differentiate and document panel types (steel vs aluminum)
  • In general, if the panel is made of steel, the magnet will typically attach to the metal, except in the cases of some stainless steels which may not be magnetic. If the panel is made of aluminum, the magnet will NOT will not attract to the metal and you document this for the client.

EASY To Use… Follow these easy steps to estimate and field determine material grade.

  1. Identify the type of material you are inspecting.
  2. Start with the widest slot and hold the gauge loosely in one hand, drag the slot of the determined material along the edge of material to be gauged (membrane, vinyl or metal panels). Do not force the gauge onto the material, keeping note that even a slight burr or rough edge on the material post cut may misrepresent the gauge of the material, so try and find as clean an edge as possible.
  3. When dragging the tool, the slightest resistance constitutes a difference in gauge whereas the slot larger is typically the estimated panel thickness.
  4. Use to determine by elimination – determine what is not. – For example, the single membrane you measure may be actually 75 mils; determine and document the MVP will not fit 72, but fits easily into 90. Document what the material is not to determine what the material is.
  5. Best practice is to take multiple measurements, document your findings and estimate accordingly.

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