Field Tools 5 Pack

Field Tools 5 Pack


SKU: A106-2006

This 5 Pack of Field Tool Essentials is more than $81.00 purchased separately! Great tools and savings with this 5 Pack of Field Tools!

HAAG 4/09 Shingle Gauge

The Haag 4/09 Shingle Gauge® measures the thickness of a shingle, and based on analyses made by Haag, correlates that thickness to a warranty level.

SideBar - 7" Siding & Roofing Inspection & Repair Tool

SideBar® – the best inspection tool for the field ever invented.

Badge Retainer - 2 ounce

Lightweight badge retainer for ID Badges, Haag 1/12 Shingle Gauge or other lightweight tools that you want to secure. Built with a single gate carabiner on top and and belt clip on back for convenient attachment to just about anything.

Gear Retainer - 6 oz.

The retractable Gear Retainer features a durable polycarbonate case and a strong polyester cord, that ensures your keys and ID badges will stay secure and accessible when you need them most!


5 Pack of Field Tools

  • Haag 4/09 Shingle Gauge
  • BullyBag AdjustaGRIP 25′ Tape Measure
  • BullyBag SideBar 7″ Pry Bar – The ultimate inspection tool.
  • BullyBag Badge Retainer – 2oz Retraction
  • BullyBag Gear Retainer – 6oz Retraction

Tools not listed in description are not included in the sale of this item.


  • Adjusters, Roofers, Estimators, Contractors & Claims Professionals – Essential Field Tools
  • 5 Tools Packed and Ready to Work: Shingle Gauge, 25′ AdjustaGRIP Tape Measure, BullyBag SideBar; BullyBag Gear Retainer, BullyBag Badge Retainer
  • Amazing AdjustaGRIP Tape Measure grips the hip! This is one tape measure you won’t want to be without!
  • Haag Shingle Gauge – Determines Shingle Warranty Level



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