BullyBag Bandit Belt & Ultra Pouch

BullyBag Bandit Belt & Ultra Pouch


SKU: A106-1205-P

The BullyBag Bandit Belt System – Modular comfort, designed to add components and provide all day comfort and security. The Bandit Belt System includes the Belt and BullyBag Ultra pouch mounted on a comfortable foam core belt with securement loops and D rings for attaching additional field gear.


BullyBag Bandit Belt System w Ultra Pouch

  • All day comfort, security & productivity.
  • For those that prefer a belt system, this is it. The BullyBag Belt Systems is Modular and designed to add components you choose.
  • The Bandit Belt System includes the BullyBag Ultra pouch using the Bandit (aka LockJaw) comfort work belt with securement loops and D rings for attaching additional gear.
  • Includes one each of the Gear and Badge retainers with the patent-pending designed Bullybag Ultra Pouch.
  • The Bandit Belt System is designed to be modular and can wear the pouch on your left or right side. Add the Side Scribe Tech and Board Carrier for holding your laptop, tablet, Accu-Line and more!

D-Ring loaded comfortable foam tool belt with Lightweight Professional BullyBag Ultra Tool Pouch

  • BullyBag Ultra Pouch is comprehensive balance with 12 chambers in all to handle what you need when you need it. Organization for effective efficiency is key to every BullyBag product.
  • The BullyBag BandIt Ultra Pouch attaches using a proprietary BandIt type system for secure tool attachment & access every time.
  • The BullyBag Ultra Pouch includes a business card identifier chamber
  • Complete with our powder coated utility clip for your tape measure
  • 2 hidden slots for housing your Haag shingle gauge as well as Dyna-Bar or other industry specific tool
  • 4 – Big 1″ D-Rings for tethering other gear
  • 2 pen & 2 battery slots, so you are always at the ready.
  • Includes retractable Badge & Gear retainers to help retain your camera, laser measure and other lightweight delicate tools from becoming a falling hazard.
  • Includes the BandIt Belt in Small, Medium or Large and includes the BullyBag Ultra Pouch with Badge & Gear Retainers
    • Small 28-32 / Medium – 33-39 / Large – 40-48


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Additional Information

Weight 2 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 9 × 5 in
Belt Size

Small, Medium, Large



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