The Shape of Things

Across our vast country there are approximately 142 million housing units for our nearly 340 million residents. Of these, 82 million are single family homes. Large or small, each one has a roof that shields the home from the elements and must be maintained routinely and repaired when storms strike. Some, such as those on a New England saltbox, are simple but steep. Other home styles have chimneys, gables, cupolas, or porch extensions and sometimes all of these architectural elements on the same home.

A vast force of skilled workers resides in each state who have the knowledge and tools to keep our housing stock in prime condition. Many of the roofs are steep-slope, that is, 7/12 or above, adding more complexity and danger to the process of climbing them. The RIDGEPRO® was designed and patented expressly for the purpose of reaching the peak on a steep-slope roof safely and with ease. Its engineered shape with an adjustable arch securely straddles the roof peak without depending on it for support.

Whether you are climbing a saltbox in Maine or a Victorian in San Francisco, you can depend on The RIDGEPRO® to help you stay safe. Roofers, solar contractors, insurance claims adjusters, pest control companies, and holiday light installers all over the country have adopted The RIDGEPRO® as their #1 way to access a steep-slope roof. Learn the secret of how it works and order one today.

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