The Future of Roofing

It’s a rat race out there and getting more competitive every year. The roofing industry, which includes new builds, replacements, and repairs generates $56.7 billion a year (according to IBIS research). While that is a huge number, profit margins are tight and annual industry growth is just over 1%. Is this a business worth staying in?

We say: YES as long as a company is flexible, competitive, and willing to learn and stay on top of trends. Roofing contractors are being squeezed on many levels. Therefore, controlling overhead and inventory levels are crucial as the cost of materials continues to rise and companies in tight markets must compete on price. On the other hand, opportunities abound in areas where new development is heavy or, sadly, storm damage has caused a large need for roof repair and replacement.

In the midst of change, some things will always be true:

  • Quality speaks for itself. Cutting corners will come back to bite you when you least expect it.
  • Reliability brings good referrals. If you say you’re going to start the job on Tuesday, then be there on Tuesday.
  • Safety sells. Customers would rather buy from a company that protects its workers. Talk about safety in your sales pitch.

At The RIDGEPRO®, we’re all about safety but we’re also about quality. Our patented roof-anchor system is an investment in your company that is both reliable and durable. See how this engineered product can make a difference for your business.

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