The RIDGEPRO™ and Bullybag® & Tool Co. Align for Greater Roofing Safety

September 1, 2021 – Cranford, NJ and Parkville, MO – Strawder Family Innovations, inventors and manufacturers of The RIDGEPRO®, the premium device for steep-slope roofing safety and Bullybag® & Tool Company, tool solutions for industry, are pleased to announce a distribution alliance that will benefit roofing workers across the US. Starting September 1, 2021, The RIDGEPRO roof anchor and extension pole will be available through the Bullybag & Tool Company website and marketing network. Both companies have clearly stated their commitment to the safety of those who must ascend roofs as part of their workday.

Brandon Strawder, CEO of Strawder Family Innovations, spoke about the new alliance: “We invented the RIDGEPRO using our real-world experience in the roofing industry. Our products are engineered and manufactured to extremely high quality standards because we know that lives depend on them. We only partner with companies having the same goals. Bullybag & Tool Company shares our vision and values.”

The new alliance allows for cross-marketing of compatible products. Bullybag & Tool Company products will now be available through The RIDGEPRO website ( and The RIDGEPRO will appear as part of the safety portfolio of Bullybag & Tool Company’s website ( This strategic alliance was developed to bring a wider range of Bullybag adjuster tools to The RIDGEPRO customers and to increase awareness of The RIDGEPRO to Bullybag’s commercial and industrial audiences.

“We believe our product lines to be highly compatible,” said Jerod Allen, Founder of the Bullybag & Tool Company. “We seek alliances with companies who share our vision of providing the utmost safety to roofing workers and adjusters. We’re always on the lookout for unique, effective gear and The RIDGEPRO fits that bill”. Teams from both companies will be working together to improve roofing safety through current products and ones yet to be developed.


Bianca Chapman
The Reach Group
[email protected]

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