The Scariest Thing of All

They’re appearing all over these days. Zombies, skeletons ten feet high, witches on brooms, and a strange orange glow can be seen around many homes and businesses. Professional holiday lighting, which used to be reserved for commercial Christmas displays, has evolved into a year-round business that is growing rapidly.

Professional holiday light installers are now booked almost year round, helping homeowners and businesses achieve the looks they want to enhance their properties year-round. Additional business means more crews climbing more ladders to access rooflines, gutters, and chimneys to install sophisticated decorations and controllers for each season. However, these skilled workers face dangers unrelated to ghosts, werewolves, or vampires.

One of the greatest actual risks they face is a work related fall from a rooftop. When a worker climbs a roof for any reason, safety must be the primary focus. One way to make that job safer is to utilize The RIDGEPRO®, the premium device for steep-slope roofing safety. This easy-to-assemble, intuitive tool makes reaching the roof peak quicker, simpler, and safer. It is being adopted by holiday light installers from coast to coast who depend on its American engineered design and solid craftsmanship.

Join the growing ranks of holiday light installers who don’t fear ghosts, goblins, or falls. Shop for The RIDGEPRO® here.

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