Back to School or Never Left?

Do you remember graduating from high school, college, or trade school? You (and your classmates) probably breathed a deep sigh of relief and said, “well, that’s done… now I can get on with my life”. Years ago, that was most likely to be true. Once out of school, an adult rarely had to sit in a classroom or hit the books again.

The good news is: all that has changed. The rise of new techniques, materials, and advanced technologies in the workplace means that we all have the opportunity and the need to participate in further learning. The possibilities for continuing education are readily available. Even if your company doesn’t provide in-house training, there are plenty of courses online or in person in topics such as new OSHA regs, high tech gear, and fall protection/arrest systems. Which ones you take are up to you but we hope you’ll include safety training on your list. There’s nothing more important than staying safe on the roof and around any construction or renovation site.

Accepting the challenge of lifelong learning opens your mind to a new world of personal change and growth just as exciting as the new pencils and empty notebooks seemed to us in elementary school. Pat yourself on the back every time you take a training course or embrace a new tool or technology. You’re putting yourself one step ahead in your career and ahead of the competition.

A great place to find new tools and technology to learn more about is:

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