A Long Winter’s Nap

Experienced pest control technicians already know that as the days get shorter and temperatures begin to fall, critters start looking for a winter home. Soon, office phones will be ringing with calls to come quickly and check out those footsteps and other noises in the attic. In addition to evicting the intruders, pest control experts will need to find the animal entry points and close them up. This usually entails climbing each roof at least once. Several jobs in one day will result in multiple roof ascents and descents.

While the types of pests and the damages they can cause will vary by geographic area, the risks of finding them and removing them from a structure do not. Personal safety must always be paramount when working at height. Even if the climb up the ladder and onto the roof will only take a few minutes, there is the ever-present danger of a fall. The risk is even higher on a steep-slope shingled roof or when carrying tools and equipment.

The RIDGEPRO® is the premium device for steep-slope roofing safety. This light-weight, adjustable roof anchor system is designed to be easy-to-assemble and use for quick inspection trips or longer repair jobs. The RIDGEPRO® integrates with fall protection equipment to help keep workers safe from the ladder to the peak. Just set the pitch, roll it to the peak, flip it over, and be ready to climb. Learn more at:

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