Numbers Don’t Lie

Our company is dedicated to the prevention of falls and fatalities in the roofing industry and related categories where climbing roofs is essential. Our flagship product, The RIDGEPRO®, is designed specifically to increase safety in steep-slope applications. Sadly, the overall number of falls and fatalities in roof related job categories remains stubbornly high.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the construction trades (including roofing) experienced 726 fatal occupational events in 2021. Within that overall number, the fatality rate for roofers was 59 per hundred thousand workers, a considerable increase over 2020. Fatalities from falls, trips, and slips in the construction industries increased 5.6% over 2020. The trend is definitely going in the wrong direction.

These are indeed sobering numbers and each instance indicates a personal, family, and business tragedy for all of those involved. The good news is that it is in our power to change these statistics beginning right now. Companies with a strong focus on safety can tip the balance towards fewer falls and worker deaths.

We encourage each company, large or small, to develop a Culture of Safety. Set schedules for regular safety training and require that safety procedures be followed on each project, large or small. Make it safe for any worker to speak up about safety issues without fear of retribution. It may also take a monetary investment from the company into new equipment and tools such as lifelines or The RIDGEPRO® but the end result of fewer accidents or injuries will be well worth it.

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