Keep It Simple

Have you ever purchased a tool, a gadget, or a home appliance that turned out to be much more complicated than advertised? Does it take too many steps to make it work? Too many buttons for only 2 hands? Don’t worry. We’ve all done that at least once. Something that looked so good in the ad was not practical in the real world of work or living. These days even a coffee maker seems to require a degree in engineering to operate it.

At The RIDGEPRO® we prefer simple. When you are preparing to ascend a roof, the last thing you need is a time consuming gadget with too many places to make a mistake. Our flagship product lets you set the correct pitch quickly and accurately while still on the ground. Once on the ladder, you can roll The RIDGEPRO® to the peak and flip its wheels up to set it in place. Click here for a full description of how it works. The RIDGEPRO® is used by roofers, solar contractors, insurance claims adjusters, pest control technicians, and holiday light installers because it is easy to assemble and intuitive to use. We’ve done all the engineering so you don’t have to when you’re standing at the foot of a ladder.

For quick inspections or lengthy repairs, our aim is to make your job simpler and most of all, safer. Simple is best. Just Roll It. Flip It. Depend on it.

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