Insurance Claims Adjusters Face Ever Changing Risks

In many cases, insurance claims adjusters walk into a literal disaster zone where a hurricane or wildfire has just swept through leaving ruin in its wake. The risks involved in evaluating claims in such an area are often obvious and include downed wires, unstable dwellings, and dangerously sharp debris. Professional insurance claims adjusters are “on point”, constantly watching for dangers both obvious and hidden.

However, when it comes time to adjust more mundane claims, the job can often seem routine. The broken water pipe, the tree into the garage, the fallen chimney; an experienced adjuster has seen it all. Or, maybe not. Building methods, equipment, and materials have been rapidly changing in recent years. Use of lighter weight building products, rapid construction, and development in marginal lands have all contributed to sweeping changes in the way buildings sustain damage. One obvious example is solar panels that are appearing on many homes. Before accessing the roof, be sure there are no electrical hazards. Have the panels been de-energized? Be sure before you climb.

Another trend prevalent in many parts of the country is architecture that creates gabled, steep-slope roofs. These roofs look elegant and shed snow effectively. They are, however, more inherently dangerous. The RIDGEPRO® is the premium device in steep-slope roofing safety, designed to help workers safely reach the roof peak. This roof anchor is light in weight and easy to assemble with an etched grid that allows rapid and accurate pitch selection. Be safe and work smart with The RIDGEPRO®.

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