Skilled, Dedicated, Resilient

There’s an old song that begins with: “They say the human race is falling on its face and hasn’t very far to go…”. Sure, we have problems, many of them of our own making, but every time I pass a construction site, I feel just the opposite. Whether it’s a development of new homes for young families, or a new commercial building powered by solar energy, I see American quality at work.

American workers know how to get it done while complying with building codes, safety regulations, and the constant pressure to keep the project on schedule and within budget. The recent rebuilding of I95 in Pennsylvania is an excellent example of American ingenuity at its finest. A safe and workable solution was achieved to solve a unique and complex problem. Accomplishments of this sort are happening every day in our country, they all don’t make the news.

At The RIDGEPRO® we’re still optimistic about the future. We firmly believe in our country’s capacity to adapt while staying true to quality and safety standards. Our steep-slope roof anchor is proudly made in Ohio, USA and has been proven in years of use on steep-slope roofs nationwide. Roofers, solar panel installers, insurance claims adjusters, pest control contractors, and holiday light installers have come to depend on us to reach the roof peak quickly and safely. We’re committed to safety on the job. Will you join us?

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