Roof Repair Kits, Supplies & Tools

Here at RidgePro, we serve a variety of industries, providing trusted roof safety systems, replacement parts, roof repair kits, supplies, and tools. We are your go-to for roofing repair needs. We pride ourselves in working to create a safer and more efficient work environment through our roofing solutions and roof repair kits. Shop RidgePro roof repair kits and supplies online.

Safe and Effective Roof Repair Kits

Got a steep roof? No problem! Reduce falls and improve efficiency with roofing repair safety equipment from The RidgePro™. Our roof repair tools and other types of roof climbing gear eliminate the need for an extra ladder, scaffolding and roof planks — and is an OSHA-compliant single use anchorage point. Quicker set-up and clean-up helps get the job done faster and improves your profit margin.

Shop Roofing Repair Safety Gear

Besides the weather, steep roofs are a roofer's biggest problem. Enhance safety on the job with roof repair supplies that won't let you down. Our certified roof repair tools make climbing 6/12 to 12/12 pitches easier and can eliminate the risk of falls. And our roof repairs kits aren't just for roofers. All jobs that require roof inspections, such as claim adjusters, chimney sweeps, solar companies and more, can benefit from the enhanced safety provided by our roofing repair gear. Check out our complete line of roof repair kits and accessories for all your steep roof needs. Outfit your crew with The RidgePro™ roof safety solution today.