Gutter Cleaning Tools for Two-Story Houses

We specialize in roof safety, and now we can help make cleaning second-story gutters safer too. The RIDGEPRO™ roof anchor's user-friendly design allows you to get the job done fast, even when working on a steep or multi-story home. Our ridge hook tool lets you move freely along the gutter line without fear of falling. It's tempting to look for solutions for how to clean gutters without a ladder, but the truth is, nothing compares to cleaning gutters by hand with The RIDGEPRO™.

How to Clean Gutters Safely with The RIDGEPRO™

The RIDGEPRO™ is a trusted roof anchor and positioning device that attaches to the ridge peak to help prevent falls while working on roofs. This safety system also makes cleaning second-story gutters safer.

It's quick and simple to use, and it meets OSHA standards for fall protection. You can also add a lifeline for additional security.

When you use The RIDGEPRO™, you can clean your gutters with the peace of mind that owning top-notch roof climbing gear provides. It keeps you safe even if you slip or something goes wrong with the ladder.

How Does The RIDGEPRO™ Work When Cleaning High Gutters?

Setting up The RIDGEPRO™ is fast and easy enough for one person to handle on their own. Follow these simple steps to start cleaning second-story gutters safely:

  1. Set up the ladder on stable ground.
  2. Measure the roof pitch and select the corresponding number on The RIDGEPRO™.
  3. Lock in the extension pole and attach the lanyard
  4. Hang The RIDGEPRO™ from the gutter next to your ladder while you climb the ladder.
  5. Place The RIDGEPRO™ on the roof wheel side down.
  6. Extend the pole to push the tool up the roof until it reaches its peak.
  7. Rotate and flip The RIDGEPRO™ and pull the lanyard to lock it onto the ridge vent.

Once properly installed, you can safely clean the gutters. It's the best way to clean gutters because you can move freely along the eaves to access the gutters and downspouts.

Can I use The RIDGEPRO™ When Cleaning High Gutters on a Metal Roof?

Yes, you can safely clean gutters on a metal roof. The RIDGEPRO™ works on most types of roofing surfaces. If the roof has oversized ridge caps or other unique construction, you should carefully assess the situation before use.

The RIDGEPRO™ Helps You Safely Clean Gutters for Multi-Story Homes

Cleaning high gutters can be a real challenge, but The RIDGEPRO™ makes cleaning second-story gutters less of an ordeal. Its lightweight construction and ease of use make this an ideal gutter cleaning tool for a two-story house. Homeowners and contractors alike can safely clean gutters thanks to The RIDGEPRO™. And it's not just the best way to clean gutters — it's also used in other industries such as roofing, masonry, and home inspection.

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