SideBar – 7″ Siding & Roofing Inspection & Repair Tool

SideBar – 7″ Siding & Roofing Inspection & Repair Tool


SKU: A106-4101

SideBar® – the best inspection tool for the field ever invented.


  • Check layers
  • Use with Haag Shingle gauge to determine shingle type
  • Repair, verify & inspect siding
  • Special siding curve also helps protect fingers & nails
  • Small yet comprehensive 7″ MultiPry Bar

Made specifically for Inspectors, Adjusters, Siding & Roofing Professionals, Mold Inspectors, Estimators, Engineers and Repair Professionals.

  • An ergonomic end makes handling a breeze when using the pry side. A special designed curve on the other makes siding removal and installation / repairs a snap…
  • Or as we say “Grip it & Zip it”®

Recommended Uses:

  • Ergonomic and exact angle to tirelessly remove most profiles of vinyl siding – Seam OR Seamless.
  • Large nail head remover for roofing and siding nail heads.
  • Checking & verifying the layers of a roof
  • Lifting and separating shingles (saves damage to hands & shingle) to verify warranty Levels / shingle type when using shingle gauge.
  • Removing Siding or Roofing Samples when sending to a 3rd party verifier such as ITEL
  • Making Roofing or Siding repairs
  • High-strength, forged steel construction.
  • Protective durable enamel finish resists rust & corrosion

The patented design makes it comprehensive, lightweight and strong.

  • Pro Tip – The angle of the chisel tip is designed to increase ease of prying & separating; due to the angle and the premium steel used, the chisel end is very sharp. Please use with care.
  • Recommend dulling the chisel end (scrape chisel end along rough surface such as concrete, etc) unless you need the sharp edge.

Additional Information

Weight 0.375 lbs
Dimensions 7 × 1.5 × 1 in



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