Roofing Fall Protection Systems & Equipment

Fall protection for roofers is essential to keeping roofing workers safe and free of injury on the job. When used with the RidgePro system, lifelines are an important piece of roofing safety equipment that provide essential roof fall prevention and allow for a safer, more efficient work environment: RidgePro's premium lifelines offer you security and peace of mind no matter the job.

We Deal in Only the Toughest Fall Protection Systems 

When you're sitting at great heights on the job, you need a durable fall protection kit you can trust. Our roofing fall protection systems range from polyester polypropylene blends to polyester, alloy steel, and nylon webbing materials. These offer lifeline protection systems capable of comfortably and safely holding a worker ranging anywhere from 130 to 310 pounds. Pair this with durable snap hooks, shock absorbers, positioning devices, and extension lanyards, and you have a roof fall protection system meant to remain durable and flexible.

How Can Our Lifeline Systems Help You? 

If you're serious about safety when on the job, our roof fall protection lifelines can help you. All of our lifeline fall protection systems are OSHA and ANSI inspected and compliant, meaning you're keeping your team safe by the book when it matters the most. Shop our roofing fall protection systems to keep you and your team safe. Contact us today for more information regarding selecting the right lifeline system for your next job.