Starter Pack w G2 Paddle

Starter Pack w G2 Paddle


SKU: A106-1002

Starter Pack with Bullybag G2 Ultra Pouch. 10 tools in all and more than $200 worth for one low price. Designed for Roof Sales, Project Managers, Inspectors, Estimators, Adjusters, etc.


10 Tools you need to get the job done. Prepacked and ready to go…

  • Bullybag G2 Ultra Pouch w Paddle 
    • 15 pockets in all; 8 with sealable hook-n-loop, 6 pockets elastic ridged for phone, laser measure, camera, etc; Main pouch (with 5 total pockets within) for chalk, gloves, contracts; 4 pen/screwdriver slots; Business card, Pen & Battery chambers, and more.
    • Available in 3 different colors to choose from: Grey on Black; Pink on Black & Black on Black (You ,may notate your choice at time of checkout in the notes section – If no color choice is noted, ships with Black on Black)
    • Whether Gen 1 or Gen 2 the Bullybag Ultra Pouch is High Speed Low Drag, Field Management Success.
  • Badge Retainer
    • 2 ounces of retraction on a 36” cord. Badge Retainers provide retention and retraction of light tools, such as your ID badge, Shingle Gauge, etc.
  • Gear Retainer
    • 6 ounces of retracting power on a 36” cord provides you with reach and retention allowing you to tether your tools, preventing loss, damage as well as them becoming falling hazards from height (such as cameras, gauges, etc.)
  • Haag Shingle Gauge 4/09
    • A crucial piece of equipment for every Project Manager/ Sales Pro/Estimator/Inspector in determining and documenting a shingles warranty level. Gauges 20 year to 50 year asphalt shingles.
  • SideBar Multi-Pry Bar
    • We are currently out of stock of our patented SideBar – order will ship without SideBar and you will be placed on backorder list – will fulfill as soon as SideBar stock levels increase.
      A roof inspection and siding repair tool in one. Patent approved pry bar allows you to remove/install vinyl siding with ease, and inspect the roof for layers as well as document the shingle warranty level using the Shingle Gauge for those tough stuck together shingles or not damaging brittle ones.
  • Nite-Ize S-Biner #4
    • Versatile S shape double gate clip perfect for clipping your Accu-Lines or other gear to your Ultra Pouch.
    • Accu-Lines Double Sided Single Clip Flipboard SC-302
    • This is a patent pending design is a revolutionary double sided clipboard; smooth on one side and Accu-Lines the other, allowing you to draw straight lines without a ruler. Accu-Lines is an integral tool for every successful field Project Manager, Sales Pro, Estimator and Inspectors
  • Bullybag Pitch & Slope Indicator
    • Bullybag Pitch & Slope Indicator is impact resistant, analog, and required by many insurance companies who will not accept app use for pitch documentation purposes. Also great for determining angle degrees.
  • AdjustaGRIP 25′ Tape Measure
    • Stop Slipping and Start Gripping! The oversized head on the Bullybag AdjustaGRIP tape measure provides you surety in a stand out tape measure. With its double sided print and magnetic and oversized rubber tip, the AdjustaGRIP saves you both time and frustration. Measures over hip roofs!
  • Orange (Large) Bandit Z-Packs
    • Helping you keep it all together. All items packed and stored within. The large Bandit Z-Pack provides not only organization and storage for your field tools, but can also be used for your contracts, laptops, tablets… just about anything. The Bullybag Large Bandit Z-Pack has translucent mesh on one side so you can see the content within and rugged 600 denier materials for the saddle and side.
  • Optional: Add-in the Bullybag MVP Gauge

Additional Information

Weight 5 lbs
Dimensions 13 × 10 × 4 in

With MVP Gauge, Without MVP Gauge



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