Leica DISTO S910 P2P-Package

Leica DISTO S910 P2P-Package


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The DISTO S910 features the best of LDM technology from Leica Geosystems. It can measure the distance between multiple points from one location. It has a Smart Base for even more measuring options and functions. It can export data to CAD. And it has WLAN, Bluetooth, and USB connectivity. Simply put, the S910 is our Master DISTO.


A universal measurement tool. Our Master DISTO.

  • Onboard point-to-point measurement from a single location.
  • When you use the S910, you won’t need a ladder because the S910 has Point-to-Point (P2P) measurement technology built in. The S910 will compute the distance between two points, regardless of height or angle. You can also take multiple P2P measurements to measure complex planes, such as roofs. The S910 is the only DISTO with Point to Point (P2P) capability built into the device itself. For close range interior measurements, just flip out the Smart Base, pick a measuring position and use the P2P function to take accurate measurements around a room from a single location. Measurements can be compiled in a DXF document for use in CAD.
  • This makes the S910 a favorite among installers who need accurate measurements (which can be fed to a CNC machine) to cut expensive materials like countertops or commercial glass.
  • For long range P2P measurements, use an FTA-S tripod adapter. The FTA-S unlocks the full potential of the S910 1000ft range and 4x zoom point-finder camera. The S910 and the FTA-S are available together in the S910 ProPacks, which are ideal tools for anyone who needs to get inaccessible measurements on outdoor job sites. The S910 Propack is used by solar installers and by architects and engineers working on commercial projects.



Leica DISTO™ S910 Package Includes:

  • Leica FTA 360-S and TRI 120 in a rugged case; for P2P measurements
  • Content:
    • DISTO™ S910, pouch, hand loop, adapter plate, user manual on CD, Quickstart guide, Warranty card, Safety Manual, Calibration Certificate Silver, USB charger with USB cable and 4x country adapter, general notes, tripod adapter
    • FTA360-S, instruction, photo-tripod TRI120, target plate
    • GZM3


  • BlueTooth®
    Integrated Bluetooth® Smart technology enables wireless transfer of measurement data to a computer or mobile device, which helps to streamline your workflow and makes your measurement data accessible across multiple devices, apps, and programs. DISTO Apps
  • Area / Volume
    In area mode, the DISTO determines the area of a rectangular or square space in two measurements. Volume mode adds a third vertical measurement to calculate the volume of a space.
  • Intelligent Endpiece
    The intelligent endpiece folds out from the base of the DISTO to help with inside and outside corner measurements, diagonal measurements, and rough openings. The endpiece is directly connected to the DISTO circuit board and automatically adds the length of the endpiece to the distance measured from the base of the DISTO.
  • +/-
    It’s not always as simple as taking one shot to get the measurement you need. Sometimes you need to add multiple shots together, or subtract a negative space from a measurement. As you use the Add/Subtract function, the final result is displayed on the main line and the last measurement taken is shown above.
  • Stakeout
    stakeout icon Stakeout The stake out function uses the continuous measurement mode to indicate where to place stakes along a stake-out line. Ideal for any situation where you need to place objects at a consistent interval. The display shows the distance to the next stake out point and the DISTO® beeps as you approach it.
  • Min / Max
    In Min/Max mode, you “sweep” the laser point into a corner. The longest measurement is recorded. Very useful for accurate diagonal room or window/door measurements.
  • Painter Function
    The ‘Painter Function’ makes it possible to determine a room’s wall surface area by simply taking distance and height measurements.
  • Accuracy
    This DISTO is accurate to 1/16th of an inch (approx 1.5mm) up to the maximum certified range.
  • BIM
    Measurements taken by Bluetooth-enabled DISTOs are useful for Building Information Modeling (BIM). For more information on how Leica Geosystems supports BIM across our product line, check out the BIM Field Trip.
  • Height Profile
    This function helps you measure the height differences between 2 or more reference points. Measure slopes with multiple shots. Each shot is stored as a profile pair that references the shot taken before it.
  • Height Tracking
    Height Tracking uses the angle reading from the tilt sensor to continuously solve for height. Engage the height tracking function and measure to the base of your target. As you tilt the DISTO up, the laser stays on and the display shows the height of the laser point as it moves higher.
  • MIP – Measure In Picture
    Measure in Picture (MIP) technology allows you to determine an object’s width, height, surface area, or diameter within a picture taken by the pointfinder camera.
  • Personalize Favorites
    With over 20 functions, chances are you are going to use one or two more than the rest. This Favorites function lets you bookmark your most-used functions on the tabs at the bottom of the touch screen.
  • Slopes Objects
    Imagesloped objects icon Sloped Objects Indirect distance measuring between two points.The reported measurements also include the horizontal distance between the two points, the vertical distance between the two points, and the angle between the points.
  • Smart Horizontal
    The combination of distance and tilt measurements allows for quick and precise horizontal measurements. This function makes it possible to measure horizontal distances even if objects block the measurement target.
  • USB Port
    The Lithium Ion battery is recharged via a mini-USB. Plug it into the wall for fast charging, or plug it into a computer to charge and access the image gallery.
  • Smart Area Measurement
    Simply measure the outline of an area – clockwise or counterclockwise – and immediately see the result on the display, no matter how complex the shape of an area is.
  • Level
    The on-board tilt sensor in this DISTO can also be used as a leveling tool.
  • CAD
    This DISTO can save all captured measurement points as a DXF file. You can then transfer the DXF file into CAD on your computer.



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