Our Mission

Our mission is to dramatically reduce the number of injuries and fatalities in steep-slope roofing applications. We have done three years of field testing and market research with professionals from many industries to bring to you the premium, all-in-one safety device of the residential, steep-slope roofing market. Compared to our competitors, no other steep-assist tool has integrated rope-and-harness utilization, adjustable pitch-specific customization (covering the vast majority of residential roof surfaces encountered), conversion ability to become an anchorage point, and a simplified assembly that makes it convenient to use on every job. We work diligently to satisfy each of our customers and to adapt to their ever-changing needs. The RIDGEPRO™ offers unmatched versatility and durability and will save your life for years to come.

Our Campaign

Our campaign is “Ladder-to-Ladder Safety.” Every year around the world, hundreds of people are injured or killed from improper safety devices, from improper safety training, or from lack of implementing a safety plan.

The RIDGEPRO™ is a premium, professional-grade tool which acts as a one-time insurance premium, paying for itself many times over in its lifetime by preventing accidental falls. Similar devices from competitors require extensive assembly or are very heavy and cumbersome alternatives. The RIDGEPRO™ was engineered to be simplistic in design and maneuverable over varying surfaces that a roofing professional is likely to encounter.

Our Innovation

The innovation of The RIDGEPRO™ is in its simplicity. First, the adjustable arch of The RIDGEPRO™ clears the ridge vent at the peak and presses against both slopes at the correct angle unlike similar devices, like ladder hooks. Second, you can connect to the peak from the ladder, by attaching an extension pole and pushing The RIDGEPRO™ up the roof surface on it’s pre-installed wheels. Until now, installing any safety device at the peak meant dragging up a large roof ladder, stepping onto the roof surface unassisted and making a run for top or finding a valley in the design. Third, a rope-and-harness connect directly to The RIDGEPRO™ prior to installation, offering you a connected lifeline to hold onto when dismounting the ladder. Fourth, The RIDGEPRO™ can be installed to do either a quick inspection or can be bolted down as an anchorage point. Finally, we added sponge-rubber pads to the cross members so that existing surface material would not be damaged.