Roof Safety Anchor Equipment

As a roofing business owner or contractor, it isn't a surprise that having solid lifelines and roofing anchor equipment in place is a crucial part of keeping you and your workers safe on the job. Our revolutionary roof safety anchor products and lanyards are easy to use and help prevent workers from falling from high above the ground. Protect your team with The RIDGEPRO™commercial and residential roof anchor products.

Improve Safety with The RIDGEPRO™ Roofing Anchor

The RIDGEPRO™ offers durable and certified roofing anchor equipment that you can trust to keep you and your team safe. Manufactured for optimal safety, this roof anchor is made with aircraft-grade aluminum and built to withstand 5000 pounds of force. Whether you need a commercial roof anchor or are working on your own home, we make the job safer and easier.

And The RIDGEPRO™ isn't just for roofing. Any profession that requires roof access will benefit from our roofing anchor system. From insurance adjusters to chimney sweeps, we have you covered!


Benefits of The RIDGEPRO™ Roof Safety Anchor

Preventing falls has never been easier with our roof safety anchor equipment. If The RIDGEPRO™ is anchored, you can access the entire roof surface with just one set-up. Other advantages include:

  • No scaffolding required
  • Only one ladder needed
  • Easy to assemble
  • Single anchor point
  • Pitch-specific settings
  • Cross members provide balance when transitioning from ladder to roof
  • Single-user OSHA compliant

The RIDGEPRO™ also offers comprehensive rope-and-harness connections for the ultimate safety. Roof anchor equipment couldn't be safer or easier to use than this.


How Do I Anchor The RIDGEPRO™ to the Roof?

After you roll The RIDGEPRO™ to the top of the roof, it straddles the peak. Carefully climb the roof and locate the pre-drilled holes in the roofing anchor's cross members. Use 5/16" x 1 1/2" lag bolts to affix The RIDGEPRO™ to the roof.

When finished, simply remove the lag bolts and fill the resulting holes with roofing sealant.


Shop Commercial & Residential Roof Anchor Safety Equipment

Browse our durable roofing anchor products to keep you and your team safe online at The RIDGEPRO™! Contact us today with any questions or for more information regarding selecting the best roof safety anchor equipment for your team.