Roof Pressure Washing Equipment

Pressure washing roof shingles is a wet and dangerous job. But with the right roof cleaning safety equipment, you can get the job done right without worrying about falls. Your roof safety partners are also proud to be your roof cleaning equipment suppliers. Roof cleaning is easy with The RIDGEPRO™!

How Does The RIDGEPRO™ Work When Pressure Washing Roof Surfaces?

Roof washing equipment is bulky and wet roofs are slippery — that's a dangerous combination. But The RIDGEPRO™ allows you to access all areas of the roof while tethered to the roof for a thorough and safe roof cleaning. Pressure washing roof shingles has never been easier.

And using it is easy! In just a few minutes, you can get to work knowing that you and your roof cleaning equipment are secured.

  • Set up your ladder on stable ground.
  • Measure the roof pitch, then choose the appropriate setting on The RIDGEPRO™.
  • Attach the extension pole and lanyard.
  • Set The RIDGEPRO™ on the roof surface with the wheels down.
  • Push The RIDGEPRO™up the roof towards the peak.
  • Once it's reached the peak, flip the tool and lock it onto the ridge vent using the lanyard.
  • Anchor the tool.

Once our roof cleaning safety equipment is safely set up, you can move freely along the eaves and throughout the roof surface.

Is The RIDGEPRO™ Roof Cleaning Safety Equipment OSHA Compliant?

Yes, we are a trusted source for compliant roof cleaning equipment for sale online. Our roof cleaning equipment meets OSHA standards for fall protection when it's anchored to the roof.

Can I Use The RIDGEPRO™ for Pressure Washing a Metal Roof?

Yes, you can use the RIDGEPRO™ for metal roof pressure washing. It is extremely versatile and works on most roofs. Be sure to consider if the roof has extra-large ridge caps or narrow standing seams before using.

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Don't risk your personal safety and that of your crew — with The RIDGEPRO™ roof pressure washing equipment, you can get the job done fast without worrying about falls. Shop our collection of roof cleaning equipment for sale for stress-free roof cleaning jobs today!