Roofing Safety Systems

From solar installation to home inspections, RidgePro is the trusted roof safety system across many industries. Our well-constructed roof safety systems are the ultimate tools for climbing up and down roofs. Providing higher-efficiency, a safer work environment, and backed by a team ready to answer any question - RidgePro is the ultimate roofer's safety solution.

The RIDGEPRO™ is Number One in Roof Safety 

The RIDGEPRO™ and RIDGEPRO™ Plus are complete innovations in roofing safety systems. Getting on a steep roof with only a ladder is a dangerous part of the job, but our rooftop safety equipment provides an easy and innovative design to keep you safe. It's easy to assemble, install, and use, which means you'll be stepping onto a roof to get the job done faster than other safety methods. Constructed from solid, aircraft-grade aluminum, the RIDGEPRO™ roofing safety system's sturdiness allows for maximum movement at the greatest of heights. Scaffolding and roof planks are bulky and outdated alternatives compared to the lightweight RIDGEPRO™, meaning not only will you get the job done faster and safer, but you'll maximize your preparation and cleanup time after the job. All of these fantastic benefits are due to the quality and care the RIDGEPRO™ team took in designing the ultimate rooftop safety equipment.

Get More Out of Your Roof Harness 

Every RIDGEPRO™ roofing safety system comes standard with integrated rope-and-harness connection capabilities. Paired with our fall protection lifeline systems, the RIDGEPRO™ outperforms other outdated methods of keeping roofers safe on the job. Adjustable, pitch-specific settings allow for maximum contact with any roof peak, meaning you can take the RIDGEPRO™ to any job you need. Browse our RIDGEPRO™ products to get more out of your roof harness today. Or check out our information center for even more details on RIDGEPRO™ products!