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Steep-slope roofing can be a dangerous and complicated job. Save time, money, and energy with RidgePro's premium roof climbing gear. Whether you are looking for roof climbing safety systems, lifelines or roof climbing accessories, RidgePro has you covered. Our premium solutions will stop the next fall before it happens.

Roof Climbing Gear for Steep Roofs

When doing residential roof work, you don't always know what you'll be up against. That's why having the right roof climbing tools is essential — especially for steep and multi-story homes.

If you think you don't have the time to set up the job site safely, you're wrong! Safety doesn't have to be difficult or cumbersome. With RIDGEPRO™ steep roof climbing equipment, you and your team can work smarter without falls.

Work Safer With Roof Climbing Tools

Steep roofs provide extra challenges, but the right roof climbing equipment can help you work safer. Every contractor knows that time is money — that's why we designed our steep roof climbing equipment to be easy to assemble, install and use. Roof climbing gear allows you to improve efficiency without sacrificing safety.

Whether you purchase The RIDGEPRO™ individually or as part of a complete roof repair kit, you can improve workplace safety with just a few quick extra steps. Every RIDGEPRO™ roofing system comes with integrated rope-and-harness connections.

Protect Yourself With Steep Roof Climbing Equipment from The RIDGEPRO™

Upgrade safety and efficiency when you replace bulky scaffolding and roof planks with our streamlined safety systems. When you have challenging climbs, we have you covered. Protect your team with roof climbing gear today!